General Orthopedics

Injuries such as neck and back pain, or shoulder tendinitis, can be treated with orthopedic rehabilitation, along with carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and ankle sprains and hip pains. Orthopedic rehabilitation is often needed post surgery to aid in the healing process for patients who have had a spinal fusion, total hip or knee replacement, and ankle reconstructions. Other conditions that may require surgery in conjunction with orthopedic rehabilitation are complete shoulder replacements, laminectomies, rotator cuff repairs, and meniscectomies.

Our physical therapists will evaluate you during the first initial office visit to determine range of motion, posture, and how much you can function when moving. The therapist will then discuss  levels of pain you may be experiencing, along with how much strength is present around the injured area. After the evaluation, the therapist will develop a personal treatment plan based on your specific needs.